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          Your opinion counts

          JPR’s UK research panel is one of the most innovative initiatives happening in social research about religious or ethnic minorities anywhere in the world. It enables us to monitor Jewish opinion on a wide range of topics, thereby contributing essential evidence to help address key issues facing Jews across the country. Find out how you can participate by clicking on the "Read more" button below.?read more

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          Why be Jewish: the essential Jewish values of Europe’s Jews
          Author(s): Dr Daniel Staetsky
          Date: 30 May 2022

          Why are people Jewish? What really matters to them? The second mini-report based on JPR’s research ‘The Jewish identities of European Jews, focuses on which aspects of Jewishness people find most compelling.

          One in seven Jews around the world is now strictly Orthodox (Haredi)
          Author(s): Dr Daniel Staetsky
          Date: 03 May 2022

          2.1 million Haredi Jews (strictly Orthodox) live around the world today, constituting about 14% of the total Jewish global population, with Israel and the USA accounting for about 92% of them. The report – a first estimation of the global Haredi population - projects that this population could double in size by the year 2040.

          How many Jews might be caught-up in the conflict in Ukraine?
          Author(s): Dr Jonathan Boyd
          Date: 09 March 2022

          How many Jews might be caught up in the conflict in Ukraine? Where can you find the largest Jewish populations in Ukraine? What are the Jewish migration rates from Ukraine and Russia, and to what extent can the current conflict affect those rates?

          What is Judaism: are Europe’s Jews a religious or an ancestry group?
          Author(s): Professor Sergio DellaPergola and Dr Daniel Staetsky
          Date: 09 March 2022

          The first of four mini-reports on European Jewish identity focuses on different aspects of how Jews understand the basis of their Jewishness: whether they see it as their religion, ethnicity, parentage or culture.

          What makes a Jewish identity?
          Author(s): Professor Sergio DellaPergola and Dr Daniel Staetsky
          Date: 01 February 2022

          A major study of European Jewish identity, exploring how Jews living in Europe today understand and live their Jewish lives. The study includes the opinions and experiences of over 16,000 respondents - the largest sample of Jews ever surveyed in Europe.